One Family Mission works through church partnerships to promote education, agriculture-based life skills, and small business ventures to care for orphaned & abandoned children, empower communities, and reduce child abandonment in Haiti.



Why "1013" and "One Family"

The story of One Family mission begins with two families, each called by God to serve His people in Haiti.  

In 2006, a Haitian expatriate living in Miami gave his life completely over to God's will and soon found himself returning to his Haitian homeland.  In the rural fields of Croix-des-Bouquet, under the wide branches of a mango tree, Pastor Kesnel Joseph and his wife Madame Yanik accepted the call from God and began All in One Family in Christ Jesus Foundation.   Over the last 10 years, they have worked tirelessly to build a strong presence for the Lord in the community through several ministries and growing a network of One Family Churches throughout Haiti.


Meanwhile, around the same time in the suburbs of Chicago, God was bringing another family to Haiti.  The Savinis began their journey to Haiti on a short term mission trip which radically reoriented their lives.  They began to disconnect from the secular world and enter the world of full time ministry. 

In Januay, 2010, the Savinis formed 1013 Missions (read about that here) and began working together with the Josephs, living together at the One Family Foundation in Croix-des-Bouquets.    

As both 1013 Missions and One Family Foundation grew, their partnership and ministries become closely entwined.  Vision, love, and purpose united them, and it became clear to the leaders of these two organizations that we are, in fact, one organization.  We are one family, on one mission together.  In 2016, 1013 Missions happily changed its name to One Family Mission to reflect the strong relationship and commitment between these ministries. 




Church is more than a building.  The church is the people, the family of Christ.  It is our firm belief that Haiti's epidemic of poverty and child abandonment can only be solved through the cooperative work of the people of Christ.  One Family Mission works to connect people in meaningful, reciprocating relationships.   The church of Haiti needs the church of America, and the church of America needs the church of Haiti; we are all in this One Family. 


If your family, group or church would like to learn more about building lasting relationships, let us know!    

Our Family

Child abandonment is a brutal consequence of poverty.  Most of the children in Haiti's orphanages have a living parent or close relative who is incapable of caring for them. The reasons behind this are myriad & complicated.  Change will require long term development and change in the spiritual, social and economic landscapes of Haiti.  The problem is bigger than any individual or organization.  

One Family Mission is dedicated to the care of the children whose lives have brought them to One Family Children's Home.  They are our family, our beloved.   We are also proactively working to break the cycles of poverty that have brought them here; to give them the opportunities their own parents didn't have.  

Each of programs and projects aim to this single end: that children need not be abandoned for want or need.  



One of the most powerful tools in the battle against poverty is education.   Primary schools are key ministries of the One Family Churches in Croix-des-Bouquets and Maissade.   One Family Mission partners with these schools to employ projects and small businesses that help make education accessible to everyone in their community.


Additionally, we share in supporting and sponsoring technical & college education for our promising high school  graduates. 



In Haiti, hunger is a real issue. Extreme food insecurity and fear of starvation is the motivation for much of the child abandonment we encounter.


Our Kabrit Program employs goats, a mainstay of Haitian diet & economy, as well as other means of agriculture in association with four One Family Church communities. 

Our farmers grow crops & herds to self-replicating sustainability, bringing consistent sources of food & income to their families & communities.  Simultaneously, the children of One Family Children's Home are learning gardening & animal husbandry skills that can help ensure that they become adults- and parents- who don’t need to fear hunger.




In Haiti, pastors seldom are supported by their congregations.  Instead, they often have several small side jobs which provide for their families and their ministries.   We work with each of our pastor partners to learn  and develop their skill sets and assets and to match them with the needs of their communities.  We invest in the start up and growth of their small business ventures, providing a way for them to reach self-sustainable ministry support.  

Pastor Kesnel has long operated under this formula- funding the ministries of One Family Foundation with construction projects, tap-taps, storefronts, and most currently a bakery.   The principles of education, training, and spiritual development flow through each of these ventures.   Read more about these principles in action here.